Vegetarian Christmas

If you’re not a vegetarian, the thought of cooking for or eating with someone who is may seem rather daunting. In fact, it’s really not that difficult, if you follow a few simple guidelines and use common sense.


4739173778 23c8d191e5 How to Cook a Vegetarian Christmas Dinner Bell Pepper Soup
A delicious, colorful soup made with sweet peppers that can be served hot or cold.

Christmas Salad
This red, white, and green salad will help spread Christmas cheer.



Buttermilk Biscuits
There’s nothing quite like buttermilk biscuits hot out of the oven.

6596566003 756550b9cc How to Cook a Vegetarian Christmas DinnerRecipe for popovers, perhaps the simplest and quickest way to enjoy fresh bread hot from the oven.

Main courses

Cabbage Rolls
Normally filled with a mixture of ground beef and rice, cabbage rolls are a staple in Eastern Europe and a favorite in many other countries. Try these vegetarian cabbage rolls stuffed with vegetables for an equally tasty main course.

Eggplant Gratin
Eggplant layered with tomato sauce and topped with saffron custard makes an elegant and delicious main course.

Lentil “Meat”loaf

A healthy, delicious veggie “meat”loaf made with lentils.
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Shepherd’s Pie

This vegetarian shepherd’s pie recipe is a simple yet delicious lambless version of the real thing.

Side dishes

A simple, nut-based gravy recipe will satisfy your cravings at Christmas or any other time of year.

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
Make the most of the sweet potatoes available in winter – these stuffed sweet potatoes are sweet and buttery.
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Wild Rice with Chestnuts
Earthy wild rice pairs beautifully with sweet chestnuts.Dessert


Apple Pie
5445139574 16d770c713 How to Cook a Vegetarian Christmas DinnerFor me, autumn and early winter = apples, and I can’t think of a better way to enjoy them than in a homemade apple pie.

Ginger-Brandy Cheesecake
Sweet, rich cheesecake with a ginger snap crust and orange glaze.


Egg Nog
Egg nog is a traditional winter drink, which I find rather odd since it’s cold and I always want something warm. If you’re worried about salmonella from raw eggs, use pasteurized eggs.

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Mulled Wine
Warm, spicy mulled wine is a wonderful winter drink.







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